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Petite Toggle Clasp - Silver (5)

$6.25 AUD


These plain 9mm toggles are high quality from Beadalon with really good plating.

The petite size of these clasps are fabulous for an unobtrusive fastening, when you need a clasp but don't necessarily want to make a feature of it.

However, it can also become a feature on a very very fine bracelet or necklace.  The quality of this toggle is really good and it will always look great!

If it worries you they aren't secure enough for a bracelet pop a small length of chain (at least 5cm) across the opening.  Attach to the loops of the clasp either with a jumpring, or by sewing if you are using needle & thread.

Quantity per pack:  5 toggles & 5 bars (5 sets)