About Us

Bead Shack … the BIGGEST bead shop between

Sydney and Melbourne!

Established:  2004 in Australia

ABN: 17 268 588 584

Address:  Rear, & Underneath Millers Arcade, 123-125 Fern Street, Gerringong NSW 2534 Australia

Our store is in the little seaside town of Gerringong, 90 minutes drive south of Sydney (30 minutes south of Wollongong).  A fabulous tourist spot with gorgeous beaches, views, cafes & coffee shops as well as Natural Necessity Surf Shop (biggest surf shop in the Southern Hemisphere) and lots of specialty shops too.

Hours:  We are open 10am to 4pm everyday. Yep! That's 7 days a week! 

Directions:  Bead Shack has just moved to a new address up in the main area of town, behind and underneath an arcade. Find the bakery/cake shop in the main street, and go right through the arcade next to it. Out the back you will see a blue sign that points you down a little pathway, which leads straight to our door, into a wonderland of colourful beads and inspiration!

We sell:  We offer a great range of beads, crystals and findings. We also specialise in putting together great instructions and kits so shoppers can grab a quick project - its easy, and there are no leftovers to hang around. Expect to find the unusual in a little corner or the amazing hidden away in a jar! We have lots and lots of beads that are very very old stock - you won't find them anywhere else in Australia that we know of. Bead Shack guarantee our findings - we won't sell you anything that we wouldn't buy for ourselves. You might pay a little more, but you won't be disappointed with the quality … or the service!

Our History:  When we opened, it was a bit of happenstance. The local scout hall had no money to pay the bills for the coming year, and I was in charge of the chequebook. So I said to my 3 girls (they were all living at home then), "what about if we put our beads in the front room (the big hall part was booked for campers) and people might come and see the beads. Anyway, that will give us a chance to get them out of the house and sort it all out nicely before we bring it back home" (we were just selling on eBay when we first began). Well, the first day we had a few people in, and I remember saying to the girls – "maybe we could stick a sign in the window and when the people go to the IGA for their groceries, they might look up and see us".

 Well that was the beginning of our new life! We had between 200 and 300 people a day for every day of the holidays after that. I’ve never seen anything like it. I sat at a card table and counted out beads all day while my girls and any other help we could find, ran classes for all the kids to learn beading. Sometimes we had 25 kids at the table at a time! After 2 weeks of this, I asked an accountant if I would be able to support a business based on the sales we had. She said yes, so we opened up a little shop in an arcade in the main street. In the next 10 months, we went from nothing to 3 shops. The little arcade shop, a big industrial unit down the back of town and a small shop in Ulladulla. We soon condensed all 3 shops back into one after our heads started exploding LOL!

All the beads were there for over 9 years.   We have now (in June 2015) moved to our brand new shop underneath and behind the Miller's Arcade in Gerringong. It's lovely to have less dust than the warehouse, and we have now downsized everything to be more manageable, and allow Kerry to travel more after so many years of working 7 days a week!

We look forward to having you come to our store and discover our Aladdin's Cave full of treasures!