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Wrap (2 wraps) Bracelet Pattern

$5.00 AUD

Comprehensive sketches are included in the pattern.

Materials Required:  1 x Fancy Button w. Shank, 1.25m x 2mm Round Leather Cord, 110 x 4mm Czech Fire Polish Beads or any similar sized beads (ensure the needle and doubled thread can pass through the bead holes twice before starting).

Tools Required:  1 x size 10 hard beading needle, silamide (or similar) strong beading thread, Clipboard & 1 x Bull Clip, or Firm Cardboard or Board & 2 x Bull Clips, Sharp Scissors, Glue eg E6000, Hypo Cement, or even Super Glue - just needed to glue the knots on the threads for extra security.

Bracelet Length:  will wrap around your wrist twice

Level of Difficulty:  Easy to Intermediate