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WOOD Tribal Pendant (1) - Pointed Head Dress - Vintage African Carved Pendant

$6.00 AUD


This pendant depicts a person with a tall pointed head dress.  This style of head covering was often adopted by a wealthier or higher status African person. 

The pendant has been made by hand, in Africa, (however we are not sure of the wood, but it looks to us like Ebony) by artisans and definitely a long time ago.  This stock is at least 30 years old (out of someone's storage - and what a find they were!).

How amazing will your necklace be with some old tribal style or sand cast beads, with the pendant in the centre.  Or, you could just wear the pendant alone on a nice length of leather!

Measurements: about 70mm long (including the loop) x 16mm wide x 8mm thick (at the head section - thinner elsewhere) with a threading hole of 1mm.  Being wood, you can ream out the hole for a larger cord or rope if you so desire.