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Wood Pendant - Campfires (Style 1) (#25)


Here is a fabulous item for you!  A beautiful handpainted natural wood pendant with authentic Aboriginal painted story.  Over the top of the wood is a layer of lacquer for a beautiful finish and for protection.

The dot-work has been painted by a local (to us) Aboriginal artist by the name of Kristy Riehs in the Shoalhaven area, NSW, Australia.  Kristy has used contemporary colours to put her own unique interpretation on age-old Aboriginal art styles.

This item is a one-off original and depicts 'Campfires'.  I'm not very sure of the meaning of this particular design, but I'm guessing multiple campfires, people, walking tracks etc.

The front of the pendant is painted, the back is left blank.

Measurements of Wood Pendant:  73mm x 50mm x 7mm thick, with a 17mm threading hole.