Shaggy Wall Hanging Macrame Kit - choice colours available

Bead Shack

$40.00 AUD 


Make a wall hanging of your very own, to hang in your house or give as a gift!  Macrame can be more easy than you can imagine, and this kit guides you through giving some dimension and flair to something that is small enough to learn on, but creative enough to amaze your friends!

This kit is a great one to learn how to make a macrame wall hanging, but also includes a dimension aspect.  There are 3 layers to this project.

The rope for this project is included in the kit, as well as instructions written in clear English with diagrams & sketches.

Tools Required:  Sharp scissors, Dowel Rod or Stick or Driftwood Piece about .6m long.

Length of Wall Hanging - Up to Approx. 50-60cm

Level of Difficulty:  Intermediate

Colour:  Choose from the drop down menu

Prior Knowledge:  It would be helpful to have a prior knowledge of lark's head, square and clove hitch knotting techniques, but if not, the instructions are included for these knots with diagrams.