Scissors - Emery Brand - 3 colours available

Bead Shack

$5.00 AUD 


These little sharp pointy scissors are so FABULOUS for any craft where you need a sharp point and precision cut.

Each pair comes with a safety cap that has a hole in the end.  Personalise your pair by make a pretty scissor keep to lead from the cap to the scissors so they don't lose each other!

Beware of fakes! These gorgeous lightweight craft & embroidery scissors are EMERY brand, and are long lasting and high quality. They have comfort handles and stainless steel blades.  Just oil the blade joint every couple of months to keep them clean and dry.  There have been some 'knock offs' on the market recently, that have left shoppers disappointed, because they look identical to this original brand.  They are a little cheaper, but you will be wasting your money!

Small = 83mm (3 1/4")

Large = 100mm (4")

Colours & Sizes:  We only have 3 colours of the small size in stock at the moment.  Choose colour from the drop down menu.