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Sbeady Wire Needles - 0.33mm

$7.50 AUD


Sbeady Wire Needles - anyone suffering from clumsiness, arthritis, poor eyesight, shaking, disability, who has trouble threading their tigertail through their beads - even seed beads, these are a MUST HAVE!!

Or maybe you don't have trouble stringing beads, but just want to make it easier and quicker!
Here is an easy way to string beads onto tigertail wire - use the Beadalon Sbeady Wire Needle! The Sbeady Wire Needle is so easy to use!  Just slip the wire into the end of the needle using the half-open portion to guide the wire into the hollow needle. Push the wire all the way in, and you're ready to string!
Bead Shack sells Beadalon tigertail wires in .012" and .018" sizes from Beadalon.
Click here for a quick video on a lady threading her wire into the needle
  • Sbeady wire needle to fit wires .38mm (.015")
  • Sbeady wire needle to fit wires - .33mm (.012"-.013")

All needles are 3.8cm (1.5") in length.

Size in this listing:  0.33mm (.012" - .013")

Made in India.