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Round Nose Plier Tool - Memory Wire Recommended Tool

$32.00 AUD


Please note - these tools are very very rustic.  I  had them handmade by a blacksmith in Bali, because I couldn't always get stock from China of the machine made version.  They are amazing, but quite rustic in appearance.  This won't adversely affect the way the tool works, in fact it could amaze you that making something like this is possible in a small country and that by using this tool, you have helped, in a small way, make a wage for a village guy and his family!  They are also more expensive than the original Chinese version that we stocked.  But I think they are worth it!  You will appreciate not wrecking your good jewellery pliers all the time if you do like working with memory wire.

Round nose one side, and concave on the other side.  Don't wreck your good round nose pliers any more when using memory wire.  At Bead Shack we exclusively use these on such hardened steel wires - we find the normal jewellery pliers last much longer if not used on memory wire.  Of course, you can also use them whenever a round nose plier is needed eg for turning headpins and eyepins or your craft wires.

  • To use this tool, we recommend holding the plier as normal, then turning your whole hand over before placing the plier on the wire, about 3-5mm from the very end.
  • Once in position, squeeze the wire hard without turning it (it will begin to get a curve on it when you do this). 
  • Then holding the wire firmly in place with your non dominant hand, turn the tool as you roll your arm back into your normal position. 

This will become easier with practice and give you a truly great result on your memory wire projects.  Sometimes if I want to attach a mobile decoration to the bottom of a multiple looped piece of wire, I will continue to turn my wrist to make more loops, kind of like a split ring effect.  This will stop any connections from coming undone.

Size: about 160mm long, 45mm wide, 10mm thick.

Round Nose:  2mm to 4mm