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Raw Wood 20mm Round Beads

$4.50 AUD

These 20mm round beads are left in their 'naked' state LOL.  They are untreated, raw wood.  Pale in colour, with a 3mm hole.

They are wonderful for using on macrame projects - wall hangings, planter hangers etc.  The raw wood looks fabulous with your cords and plants!  And, of course, you can thread them on quite thick cord for a natural style necklace, or use in between other feature beads as a spacer.

These are the type of beads that are being used recently to make 'baby' jewellery for the mums, because raw wood like this is okay for baby to chew on without getting sick.  (That is information from elsewhere, and no responsibility is taken by Bead Shack for repeating that information.)  Of course, you would please always be careful with beads around babies and small children!

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