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Owl Fold Over Clasp

$7.50 AUD

Owl Tibetan Style Alloy Watch Band Clasp with possibility to set Rhinestones into it!  How fancy!

I thought these could also be used by people making crafted bracelets and pieces on ribbon, felt, macrame and other mediums - not just as a watch band.  I'm not real sure how a watch band would be for this.  But if you are into making watches you will probably know.  I purchased them for lots of other reasons, one of them being that so many people love a Hoot Hoot Owl!  (Obsessed comes to mind for some ladies I've met!)

If you are using regular beading wire, there are several places you can crimp in under the 'stick' the owl is sitting on.  I've taken photos that will hopefully show you in detail.

Cadmium Free & Nickel Free & Lead Free in Antique Silver

Size: about 55mm long, 15mm wide, 5mm thick, hole: 2x12mm; fit for 1mm rhinestones to be added as decoration!

Quantity per pack:  1 set