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Memory Wire Cutter - Mini

$25.00 AUD

We have run out of stock for this item.


Easily cut through wire with these handy POCKET SIZE memory wire shears. This memory wire shear has hardened 90-degree jaws that easily slice through spring-tempered wire, leaving a clean and safe-to-handle straight edge.

The high-quality construction means this tool will last a long time. When working with memory wire, this tool will help you cut and trim with ease, on Remembrance and Plated Steel Memory Wire, and can even be used to cut Beadalon Jewelry Cable up to .093" (2.36mm)

Don't ruin your regular nipper or cutter tools on memory wire - it's too hard and will blunt & dent your regular cutter blades.

Brand: Beadalon®

Material: Steel

Overall Length: 83.82 mm (3.3")
Jaw Capacity:  18.54 mm (.73")
Handle Type: Plastic Grip
Used For: Cutting Hard Wire


Made in USA