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Hooter the Baby Owl Macrame Kit - w. BONUS Burlap Bag! - Brown

$20.00 AUD


Make your very own 'cute as a button' baby owl. And while stocks last, you will receive your kit in a bonus owl decorated hessian drawstring bag!

All materials, except the small sticks (gather them from the garden or park - just 2 short thin ones), are included to make your own, just please note that the eye beads will vary in colour according to stock on hand.

Tools Required:  Sharp scissors, clip board (optional)

Length of Owl - approximately 20cm + hanger + tail

Level of Difficulty:  Beginner to Intermediate

Colour:  Brown (this colour has small flecks through the brown - really cute for owl making!)

Design:  String & Beads

Instructions by:  Bead Shack

Prior Knowledge:  It would be helpful to have a prior knowledge of lark's head, square and clove hitch knotting techniques, but if not, the instructions are included for these knots with diagrams.

If you have your own rope, rings & beads, you can buy our Hooter the Baby Owl Macrame Pattern