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Going Loopy Bag Decoration Pattern

$5.00 AUD

This pattern steps you through how to make a loopy decoration for your scissors, backpacks, handbags etc and they make a wonderful gift!  You will definitely want to make more than one, so make them for all your friends too!  This design can be a real stash buster, if you have have a pile of seed beads at home - a great way to use them up!

The clip we used on these is a large 32mm parrot clasp with lovely decoration on it.  These are very old stock, and are wonderful quality, with an annealed coating (this means it won't peel off) and a brass base.  So click through if you want to grab some.  Or, you might prefer a less flashy Lanyard clasp.

Our kits for these have used Chinese seed beads, for a little bit of irregularity and texture.  However you might prefer to use Japanese seed beads another time for even more beautiful lustre & colour.

We've aimed this kit for kids about 8yrs+ (if crafty) to adults, to learn the technique, then go off and make many more!

If you prefer, you can purchase our Going Loopy Bag Decoration Kits which have everything (even the needle & thread) included.

Materials Required:  Chinese Seed Beads, Large Clasp (we used our 32mm parrot clasp, but you could also use our lanyard clasp), decorative beads (make sure they have large holes).  Please note:  Don't use anything that is sharp inside the hole, like some bead caps or crystals that will cut through your threads.

Tools Required:  1 x Size 10 hard beading needle, Nymo size D beading thread (or similar), sharp scissors, thread wax (optional).

Length:  up to 18cm or as desired

Level of Difficulty:  Easy - designed for kids 8 years + (if crafty and with help) up to adults of all ages

This is a great gift at a great price, whether you give it as a kit or as a completed item!