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Extension Chains (10) - Nickel

$5.00 AUD


Quantity per pack:  10 pieces

Colour:  Nickel

This extension chain will add up to 5cm (2") to your necklace - great for re-sale of jewellery, or gifts, when you're not sure of the exact size you need for the wearer! Links are secure and gives a professional finish as well.  There is more opportunity to sell an item you have made if you use an extension chain, because the customer can extend it just a little to make it suit them, therefore you have more potential for a sale!

The chain links are almost 5mm long by 4mm wide, but it's the inner measurement you need, to make sure that your clasp will fit into the links.  The INSIDE DIAMETER of the links is approximately 3mm x 2.1.  Check your hook or parrot clasp (or whatever you are using) will fit inside the links to do it up, before you go ahead and made the item.

The links are CLOSED LINKS which means if you use fine threading materials such as nylon line or tiger tail, it won't have a gap to pull through!  If you take off the teardrop at the end, you can add this chain when making bracelets for a safety chain - just sew or attach with jumprings either side of your clasp (to the loop of the clasp closure).  However, you will need extra length than this if the bracelet is for a large hand.

The teardrop shaped little dangle on the end measures about 7mm long by 3mm at the widest part.  This is attached to the closed links with an oval jumpring.  You can open this up and take the heart off, and replace with anything you like, for example a tiny crystal on a headpin (made just like a small earring) can add an extra focal point for the back of your beautiful necklace, and looks especially great on anyone with short hair.

Chain is excellent quality with annealed finish and quite lightweight.