DAD Keyring Project (makes 1)

Bead Shack

$5.00 AUD 


Here is a pack for a group to take all the worry and work out of trying to think up something for your crowd to make for Father's Day!

The example in one of the photos is a very simple keyring for DAD.  It uses 1 lanyard keyring, about 20cm of elastic & 4 pony beads along with the set of DAD letter beads. 

1. Fold the elastic in half, poke the folded part through the loop of the key fitting then pass the ends through the loop and pull to attach it (Lark's Head Knot).

2. Now pass each cord in the opposite direction through a bead.  Repeat this until all your beads are on.

3. Do an overhand knot at the end to secure the beads in place.

Simple but effective!  And of course, every dad will love it because their little one made it, it's useful, but not too 'in your way' on the keys or they can attach it to a sports bag, jacket zipper, anywhere like this.

Alphabet Bead Measurements:  6mm wide x 6mm long x 6mm high with a threading hole of about 3.2mm

Pony Bead Measurements:  9mm with a 5-6mm threading hole, about 6mm high

Quantity per pack:  you will receive 30 x lanyard fittings, 30 x SETS of DAD beads, 6m x black elastic & 120 x colourful pony beads.  The pony beads will be a mix of colours, unless you put your preference in the comment section at time of ordering, or flick us an email.