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Collapsible Eye Needles - Heavy

$7.80 AUD


Each pack has four (4) needles which are made from extra-strong wire which is kink-resistant and have a specially designed eye that collapses as it is threaded through the bead & instantly reshapes after it is pulled through. The large eye makes it very easy to thread & accommodates many sizes of cord. 

You receive 4 in a pack of one size. I can tell you this - I had almost given up trying to bead anything because I couldn't see to thread the needle. Anyone ANYONE ANYONE who can't see very well will wonder how they got along without this little beauty!!! Also, I found that the bendable nature of the needle is very handy and it just springs back into shape. You really must try one to believe it!! Make your beading easier by using the right tools for the right jobs!

Anyone suffering from clumsiness, arthritis, poor eyesight, shaking, disability, who has trouble threading, these are a MUST HAVE!!

Sizes in this listing:  Heavy

Quantity per pack:  4 needles of one size

Length:  All sizes are 6.4cm (2.5 inch) long


  • Extra Heavy - 0.60 mm (.024 inch)
  • Heavy - 0.51mm (.020 inch)
  • Medium - 0.36mm (.014 inch)
  • Fine - 0.30mm (.012 inch)