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Buddha Pendant - Qty: 1

$3.00 AUD


These Buddha pendants are very old stock; we did a warehouse clearance about 10 years ago, and these were about 20 years old already (at least).  There is no telling really how old they are!  You will see from the photos that the paper they are wrapped in is starting to disintegrate!

The buddha pendants are gorgeous little pieces, with a gold fancy framework around the back, which clips over the shoulders and base to hold the pendant in place, as well as becomes his hat and loop for hanging.  The gold is still gold after all these years, so the quality is amazing (not what you get these days).

Length including the loop is about 37mm.  Width at the widest part is 25mm with a thickness of about 12mm.

Because they have a 'seam' down the sides, I am thinking they are made of plastic, but it actually looks like resin.  There are striations in the dark green to make it look like real jade.

What a lot of fun these pendants will be - just pop onto a chain or leather thong to have a ready made gift or market piece to sell!