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Open Lariat Necklace Kit

$26.50 AUD

This is an open lariat necklace made using St Petersburg stitch with size 8/0 Japanese seed beads (top of the range, of course!). It is easy to learn on this sized bead, so if you haven't tried this stitch, grab one of these kits and give it a go! You will be amazed! It can we worn doubled over and looped, or hanging down the front loose, or tied - any way you like! You can even wear it backwards to decorate a low-backed outfit. Kit includes Swarovski Crystal Pearls and/or Crystal Bicones as feature beads.

To buy just the pattern, click here.

Please note, the kit may not have colours that look exactly like the photos.  If you want to change colours around, please flick us an email!

Tools Required:  Sharp scissors, thread wax (optional)

Level of Difficulty:  Easy to Intermediate

Length of Necklace:  up to 1.15m (1 1/4 yards)