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Beginner Thing-a-ma-Jig


The Beginner Thing-a-ma-Jig is an inexpensive, entry-level tool that works best with smaller gauge wires for light-duty jigging. It's compact, lightweight size - 7cm x 10cm (3" x 4") makes it well-suited for travel; base and pegs are plastic. The wire is not included in the purchase price. You can create or decorate anything! Just set your template, twist your wire, and connect your pieces. The jig forms creative designs instantly. The pack includes 1 jig, 20 pegs (various sizes), basic wire working tips and 3 patterns. You can create wire pieces for jewellery, paper arts, home decor and many other crafts.

Please note, the new jigs in stock came through with the jig plate in transparent purple, not clear as in the photograph.

Here are a couple of links to YouTube to give you an idea of what you can do:

How to Use a Jig

Make a Heart