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Beadalon Hard Beading Needles - Size 10

$8.00 AUD

These needles are from Beadalon in the USA. They are English style hard beading needles, and are perfect for stringing beads with Nymo thread. Can also be used with Silamide stringing thread, and other threads which are fine enough to go through the eye! The needles measure 53mm (2 1/8 inches) long. Needles are sized in a similar way to seed beads so use the bead size as a guide to the needle you need (the higher the number, the finer the needle). Size 12 beading needles are a must for size 15/0 seed beads!  A 12 needle is FINER than a 10.

Size in this Listing:  Size 10

Quantity per pack:  25 needles