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Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire (7 Strand) 0.46mm (.018") Tiger Tail (9.2m) - Bright

$7.95 AUD


Beadalon 7 is exclusive to Beadalon (made in USA). It is softer than tiger tail, and more supple, for a smoother drape. Craft-series Beadalon 7 encases 7 strands of fine-diameter stainless steel wire within a kink-resistant nylon coating. It is also strong and more flexible than tiger tail, and is abrasion-resistant for longer-lasting results. Beadalon 7 is easy to work with (no needle necessary), super-strong and renders secure jewellery that lasts. Use Beadalon 7 for most general beading designs. You'll find Beadalon 7 has become a favourite among professional designers and craftspeople.

This listing is for .46mm (.018") with a 7kg (15lb) (approximately) break strength, in 'bright' colour which is the shiny dark silver colour (more like nickel) and comes on a reel with a plastic holder which snaps back in place to keep your wire from unraveling from the reel.

Here is a link with information from Beadalon, on 'Choosing the right bead stringing wire'.

Package sizes:  9.2m (30 ft)