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A bit of Info for Locals to Pre-Order a Gift

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We are taking pleasure in making available to you a way of keeping your shopping local to your area, and having a lovely gift prepared ready for you, gift wrapped and ready to be given to the Birthday Girl of the moment, here at our shop in Gerringong NSW. 

Party not at Bead Shack?

If the birthday party is not being held at Bead Shack, just let us know in the comments section, and we can have your gift waiting for you at the counter for pick up. Write in the comments section (at checkout) the day & date you are wanting to pick it up.

Party being held at Bead Shack?

We will have your present wrapped and ready for pick up, to be given to the Birthday Girl at the party here.  When you make your purchase, please add in the comments section (at checkout) that the item is for a gift for a party for (name) on (date) from (giver's name) here at Bead Shack.


Gifts start at $7.50. 

Gift Wrapping Information:

The postage price included in the purchase will go towards the gift wrapping and the card.  If, however, the postage goes above $3.50 (eg if you buy an item that would post as a parcel) it may show as $9.  We will refund the excess amount at the time of processing your order.

Passionate about Shopping Local?

We hope that this gift giving service is helpful to the local public to save time driving out of town to search for something suitable for the birthday girl.  We are passionate about shopping local, and shopping small business, and hope that you will get onboard with this also.

As time goes by, we will update the website with gift wrapped examples, as time allows.

Any suggestions to this way of shopping to make things easier, or improve the method, please let us know.  Email us at info@beadshack.com.au