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9mm Round Beads (1 Strand) - Coconut - Mixed Colours

$7.50 AUD

These beads are sliced a little bit randomly which gives a great effect, and you might love the colours!  They look to me like they have been dyed to get their colour.  A lovely natural bead to separate your larger feature beads maybe?  Or just string them up alone as a very earthy but colourful piece.  Use them here and there on earrings, or team them up with your decor projects.  You can use these natural coconut beads anywhere really!


1 Strand = approximately 110 beads.  Of course this will vary slightly because of the non. uniform sizing of the beads.  The beads are around 9mm in size, about 3-5mm thick with a 3mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  1 Strand