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.7mm Elonga Stretch Elastic (5m)

$7.50 AUD


How do you tie up this elastic beading thread?  Use 3 knots, one on top of each other.  Just a good old granny knot, and pull tightly in between each knot.  Then trim the ends nice and close.  You won't need to use glue or nail polish on this thread as it is the very highest quality, and being a multi-stranded type of elastic, it knots easily and securely, as it's a flattish thread.

Download our little tips brochure on how to easily and successfully knot your Elonga, by clicking here.

We recommend Elonga over every other elastic beading cord, because it is the strongest & safest that we have found. Elonga is made exclusively for Beadalon (from United States). This is what they say: "This unique stringing material is made up of several individual stretch strands bonded together for superior elastic properties. The multi-strand construction of Elonga gives a soft, silky drape and is ideal for lightweight beads..."

We personally recommend Elonga because it gives you a warning when the item needs re-threading. It 'sends out' little frayed pieces, which lets you know to re-string. Some other types of stretch elastic just 'pop' with no warning & your beads can be lost which isn't ideal if you have strung expensive crystals, pearls etc on your elastic!

Tie your knot by making 3 simple ‘granny knots’ one on top of the other.  When purchasing at the counter, please ask our staff for one of our free TIP leaflets on how to successfully knot Elonga elastic cord.

Bead Shack doesn’t recommend using glue or nail polish over the top of the knot - Elonga brand needs nothing extra to hold the knot.

Tip:  Cut your elastic on an angle with very sharp scissors, which will create a point at the end, making it easier to thread through the holes of your beads.

0.3mm is fabulous for stringing tiny holed beads such as freshwater pearls & tiny crystal beads.  It is thin enough to fit through the beads, but you may need to restring every 6 months to keep the elastic in good condition for your beads.

If you just want some all-round elastic for lots of different applications, choose the 0.7mm and then, if the beads are a bit heavy, you can always run a second thread through.

The 1mm Elonga is fabulous for kid's beading as it's easier to handle & is nice and strong.  This size is also perfect for heavy  beads.

Tip:  For hard to thread beads, or bad eyesight & co-ordination, try using a 'Collapsible Eye Needle' from our needles section - you'll be amazed!

Bead Shack sells Elonga on 5m cards, in three sizes: .03mm, .07mm & 1mm.   The .07mm & 1mm  also come on a 25m spool.

When choosing your size, consider the size of the hole in your beads.