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6mm Spacer (50) - Brushed Gold

$5.00 AUD

These washer spacer disc beads are just so beautiful!  A long lasting gold plating will keep them looking fresh long after other items have dulled with a patina.  The finish is a brushed surface, which really adds a upmarket professional touch to the jewellery and earrings you are making.  The base metal the washers are made from is Brass, so they won't stick to magnetic clasps.  Brass based beads are always the better option for a high quality piece of handmade jewellery.

Quantity per pack:  50 beads

Measurements:  6mm across and about .5mm thick with a 1.2mm threading hole

  • When you need a flat surface to construct an earring, these will make a great base on your headpin.
  • When you want something thin in between beads on a necklace, especially your focal beads, try putting a few of them together for a great effect.  Or even a dozen!
  • These looks great between the popular clay heishi beads in the 8mm size.  We've been using them in constructing kits for bracelets and they've been really popular.