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5x3mm Rice Bead (100) - Silver

$6.00 AUD


You will love the high quality of these little beads!  Rice beads can be hard to source, but we have them at Bead Shack in 3 colours, in 2 lengths!

Great for jewellery making as well!  Excellent filler beads to separate your focal beads.

Rice shaped beads are really popular for making decorations as they shape lends itself to long lines, for example on a Christmas ball netted cover design.  Remember though, these beads are metal, not acrylic or plastic, so they will make your design slightly heavier - remember this is you are looking for beads for a really lightweight design on your decorations, if the tutorial says to use large quantities on the one piece.

Materials:  Brass based metal with high quality coating.

Measurements:  5mm long x 3mm wide with a .5mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  100