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3mm Round Vintage Lucite Beads (100) - Black

$5.00 AUD


Vintage Lucite acrylic beads, probably made in Germany around 1950.

These beautiful black vintage beads have a marvellous shiny surface, smooth and sleek.   There are no seams on this bead.  For acrylic, they are definitely top of the range in quality!  

Make anything you like with these!  They will be great on earrings &/or necklaces, bracelets too.  We have 4 sizes in this black beads, so if you want to make a graded necklace, you will love these!

Measurements:  3mm with a threading hole of .8mm

Quantity per pack:  100 beads

Disclaimer:  We have tried to describe the beads as accurately as possible, from our own knowledge as well as any knowledge we can glean from the internet.  Many of our vintage beads were made well before the internet became an everyday tool!  We can only find information about beads that other people have listed!  If you know any further information about any of our listed beads, please contact us and let us know - we would be so grateful!