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22x16mm Oval Vintage Lucite Beads (10) - White

$13.00 AUD

Vintage Lucite acrylic beads, probably made in Germany around 1950.

There is no visible seam on these beads.  The shape of the bead is a very large blunt ended oval, with a kind of etching that looks like it's been scraped on the concrete!  The sides are faceted all around, but the facets are smooth and a bit irregular.  I you wear this bead, you certainly won't see anyone else wearing the same!

Great or using as a focal bead, or maybe featuring it on macrame or loomwork.

Measurements:  22mm long x 15~16mm wide, with a threading hole of 1mm

Quantity per pack:  10 beads

Disclaimer:  We have tried to describe the beads as accurately as possible, from our own knowledge as well as any knowledge we can glean from the internet.  Many of our vintage beads were made well before the internet became an everyday tool!  We can only find information about beads that other people have listed!  If you know any further information about any of our listed beads, please contact us and let us know - we would be so grateful!