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18mm Round (5) - Black w. White Powdered Glass Design - Glass Vintage Trade Beads

$10.00 AUD

Measurements:  18mm round with a large 3-4mm threading hole

Indian manufactured beads can be a bit inconsistent in size, so measurements are approximate.

Colours:  An opaque black glass bead decorated with white star or flower sort of patterning around the sides in grid lines.  We think the pattern was rolled on, as it isn't always clear. The designs on this type of bead are made with powdered glass which is then heated.

Quantity per pack:  5 beads

Origin:  Hand Made in India - We believe this bead to be a reproduction of a Trade Bead.

A leather choker necklace with one of these in the front would look amazing!  Simple but effective!

These could be used for multiple crafty ideas including decorating your own table cloth weights because they are quite a large bead.  Or incorporate one or two into an eclectic necklace strand.  Use as a feature bead or beads on a necklace, or one at the front of a bracelet or choker.  Or just keep them as treasures in your stash!  You might even like to put them out in a bowl for a talking point in your home.

Bead Shack made a huge bead haul around 2007, and these beads were quite old before that.  The man we purchased them from used to collect large hauls of beads that became available, so who knows how long ago they were made!  Our best guess would be around 1980s.