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15x8mm Bicone (25) - Opaque White - Vintage Indian Glass Bead

$5.00 AUD

Measurements:  15mm x 8mm at the widest point with a 1mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  25

These Indian Glass bicone shaped beads are from very very old stock from when Bead Shack made a warehouse clearance haul years ago.  The beads were older by quite a few years before then.  We estimate they were produced around 1980-1990s.

The range of colours are gorgeous, and very hard to find amongst Indian glass beads these days - especially the reds and orange and yellow.  These colours are harder and more expensive to make, according to the ingredients that are used to product the vibrant colours.

Remember, all Indian beads are irregular in shape and size, which is a large part of their beauty.  The strong colours of these beads will look fabulous in your jewellery making, but also in decorative hangers, wall art, hand sewn embellishing etc.