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Chocolate Mix Pack - Pottery Look Vintage Lucite Beads - Matte

$15.00 AUD $22.50 AUD


These beads are by the scoop into the bag, so quantities may vary.  All different shapes are included.  They are lucite underneath, with a coating over the top, made to look like pottery colours. There are some interesting shapes and they make good filler & spacer beads for projects.  Being lightweight, they are great for filler beads on many styles of jewellery, especially earrings.  Mix and match the shapes and sizes for some great combinations!

The beads sometimes tend to have a bit of the coating peeling off near the holes.  We try to check to the quality, but because they are in a bargain scooped mix, we can sometimes miss some.  They are still usually okay to put on your pieces, if you have a bead cap or a larger bead next to them.

Quantity:  Each bag will have approximately 150 beads, according to the size of the beads.  There may be a few less in the bag if there are lots of largish beads in that particular mix.