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Scissor Point Protector Cap (1) - Large

$1.50 AUD


These are fabulous little slip on silicone caps. They are really hard to find stock of, and you can pay up to $3 - $5 each for them!

Your scissor points will be protected if you pop this item onto the end over the points.  Also will protect your hands when you are reaching into your work bag!  You can attach a 'fob' chain or beaded thread from the cap (poke a hole into the very end for your wire) to the scissor handle so you don't lose them, and it's a great way of identifying your own pair whilst working in a group situation!   You can even use them for your knitting needle, crochet hook, or awl and reamer ends.

Large - 20mm x 17mm 5mm hole). 

Quantity per Pack:  1 piece (colour will be given at random)

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