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Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Hey there, bracelet buddies! 🌟 Let's talk about the magical world of friendship bracelets and all the cool vibes they bring. These little gems aren't just about BFFs; they're like tiny pieces of folk art and a way to make social statements that scream 'I'm awesome!'

Now, rewind to October 2022 when Taylor Swift dropped her album 'Midnights.' Cue the Taylor Swift friendship bracelet wave! 🎶 In the song "You’re on Your Own, Kid," she belts out, “So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.” And just like that, a trend was born.

Fast forward to the Eras tour, covering Swift's entire musical journey across 10 albums. Fans were buzzing with excitement, suggesting a bracelet swap at the concert. And for those who missed out on tickets? No worries! They crafted bracelets to share with fellow Swifties and the world.

Sure, Taylor Swift fans kicked off the friendship bracelet craze, but guess what? It's now a trend with a life of its own. What was once dismissed as a 'kiddy craft' got a major makeover thanks to Gen Z’ers and millennials.

The love for nostalgic 2000s trends has created a 'real life' community and a chance to make new friends. It's not just a hobby; it's a vibe! Imagine passing on this groovy tradition to the next generation of Swifties. Now, that's what I call a timeless hobby! 🌈✨

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The next trend I have my fingers crossed for are these nostalgic surfy fimo beads and pendants we wore in the 90s! Check them out here.

Erin xx

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