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Ziplock Bags - Thick (100) - Small

$6.00 AUD


Great for your bead and findings storage, or for repackaging items for sale.  The plastic on these bags doesn't go 'cloudy' like some other bags do when on display for a long time. We love them!

Sizes are from the top to the bottom of the bag.  Ziplock is usually between .5cm - 1cm from the top.

    Measurements:  6.5cm high x 4cm wide

      Quantity per pack:  100 bags

      Ziplock bags can be used for storage, display, separating your favourite components, keeping things together when posting small items - they are suitable for all sorts of craft storage from scrap booking and paper craft to clay, beading, silver smithing, gosh anything really!  Then they can be used in the garage, toolbox, kitchen drawer for small loose screws etc etc.  The list goes on!