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Wishing Bottles (20) - 18mm


Tiny Clear Glass Glass Wishing Bottles

Make all sorts of items with these tiny little bottles.  They are so cute!  You might glue the corks in and attach a pin peg bail to the top and use for earrings.  Make little momentos of places you have been, using a little both of sand or dirt, a tiny shell or stone, a pressed flower ... you can use as little place tags, or tags on gifts.  Keep collections of stone chips for a scientific geology display!  Kids love that!  Make something meaningful for your friends and family at Christmas - the list is as far as your imagination can take you!

Measurements: about 18mm long, 10mm in diameter, bottleneck: 7mm in diameter; Capacity: 1.5ml(0.05 fl. oz).

Quantity:  20 bottles & 20 cork inserts