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Wildfire .15mm - 45.8m - Frost


Measurements: 0.15mm thick (.006 inches)

Length on Reel:  45.8m (50 yards)

Colour:  Frost

Use Wildfire as an alternative to Fireline.  Everyone has a different favourite in threading materials, but don't make a final decision until you have tried this unique cord!


  • strength & durability
  • smooth, thermally bonded coating
  • cannot be pierced with a needle
  • will not fray - easier to thread your needle
  • super strong
  • waterproof
  • near zero stretch
  • colourfast - will not lose colour onto your hands
  • knottable
  • supple
  • great for single or multi strand seed bead designs
  • a good choice for weaving beads
  • Made in USA