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Variety Pack - Greys - Vintage Czech Glass Beads (100g, 300+ beads)

$45.00 AUD $100.00 AUD


Size of Pack:  100 grams (3.5 ounces)

Over 300 beads in one baggie!

Probably worth around a total of at least $100.00 at their retail prices, this variety pack gives you a mixed selection in one colour palette - especially great for projects where you need just one color scheme. 

Or, possibly you just want to build your stash?  This pack is a great time saver when shopping for a few styles of beads and, of course, excellent value at just under half price.  That's receiving $55 worth of beads absolutely free!

The beads are weighed to 100 grams (not counted out individually).  They are packed by the scoop.  Therefore, some bags will have heaps more than 300.  Some bags may even have a little less - it is up to the size and weight of the styles of beads in the particular colour scheme you choose.

Grab a pack in every colour - you'll spend hours playing around creating necklace, bracelet and earring projects.  Surely these packs will give you a bead or two, or ten!  in the shape and size for any design needs you require!

There might be shapes in the pack that you can use for embellishments to sew onto hand made items such as bags, quilts, headbands, dancing costumes, T-shirts and so on and so forth.

A little about Czech glass beads:  

Thanks to centuries of experience and advancement, Czech beads are durable, reliably and uniformly shaped, extremely smooth and shiny unless (it's a special finish), with a wide array of shapes and sizes, with depth of color, for any jewelry making project you have.  Some of the special finishes of a bead can be really amazing and their colours and feel can just mesmerise!

How can you tell Czech glass?  Sometimes just by the weight, feel or look of a Czech glass bead will give the instant sense that this bead is special!  If the label has gone from the packet of beads, or you just have loose beads in your kit, try and compare them to beads you see on the internet or in books.  The amazingly smooth feel and weight of a bead made by these artisans can be very obvious.  If the bead looks & feels great quality, chances are it falls into the Czech bead category!