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UV Sun Protection Discovery Kit (makes 50 Bracelets) - Teacher Resources

$60.00 AUD

Teach your class or group the effects of UV rays from the sun in this interactive activity making bracelets using our UV pony beads.

The white beads are UV beads which have a special chemical inside the plastic which reacts to the UV rays in the sun, so when they wear them in the sun, the beads change colour to dark blues, orange, purple, yellow, red.  The more UV rays, the darker they turn.

Once inside again, they turn back to white.  The beads change something like 100,000 times in their life span.  The kids can use these bracelets for years!

Instructions are provided in the kit, as well as some simple strategies to be 'group ready' to begin the lesson.  The kit includes both UV beads and plain non-changing beads for contrast, as well as thick wax cotton cord to thread them on.

Should you not want to make bracelets you can use the same supplies to tie into a hanging dangle to attach to school bags or bicycles etc.

Save arguments with the kids when it's time to slip slop slap in the strong Australian (or anywhere) sun!  If they wear the bracelet outside and the colours turn ... they need sunscreen.  Let them argue with the bracelet and not you !

Our instructions include tips on activities to judge whether the sun is burning or not, and how sunscreen can help. 

Materials you will need (not included in our kit) for experiments:  some thin plastic sheets and sunscreens with different levels of protection.  eg +15 +30 +50 sunscreens.  You might even like to try some zinc cream during the experiments!