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UV Sun Flower Bracelet Kit (makes 2)

$9.50 AUD


This fun kit makes 2 bracelets for any size.  Kit has step by step instructions with sketches which are easy to follow.  Really young kids will maybe need help from a grown up, but from 8 years on they could quite well be able to do this alone!

Save arguments with the kids when it's time to slip slop slap in the strong Australian (or anywhere) sun!  If they wear the bracelet outside and the colours turn ... they need sunscreen.  Let them argue with the bracelet and not you !

Keep the kids organised in the school holidays (or for a great stocking filler for you know when) with this great scientific kit!

The quick to make bracelet in this kit is ideal for boys and girls to teach them the effects of the sun.

The white beads are UV beads, and when they wear them in the sun, they change colour to dark blues, orange, purple, yellow, red.  The more UV rays, the darker they turn.

Once inside again, they turn back to white.  The beads change something like 100,000 times in their life span.

Materials:  Thread for the beads is a thick wax cotton cord.  Instructions provided in the kits.  Good quality wood beads are in the kit to use as spacers.

Level of Difficulty:  Easy (young ones may need help from an adult)

Tools required:  Sharp Scissors

Quantity per kit:  materials to make 2 bracelets

Size:  Make the bracelet to suit the size

UV beads are packed in random colours.  Included are some experiments that can be done with the UV beads - so educational for the kids to learn about the sun!