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Unicorn Sprinkle Beads Pack - 40 grams

$5.00 AUD

These little packs are all things adorable and pretty for any girl in love with Unicorns!  My little granddaughter is convinced she will grow up to be a Rainbow Unicorn.  It's all she wants to be ...

This pack comprises little glass seed beads in size 6/0 (4mm), with shining star beads in ab coating, pearls and sprinkles of little faceted silver and gold beads. Enough to make a whole afternoon perfect for a little girl on holidays or visiting your house.

Team the pack up with a pack of memory wire bracelets and you'll have what you need for a great afternoon of fun!

Ages 4 and up will be able to thread these beads onto the memory wire.  Some children may need assistance, but most from this age on will be fine.