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Unicorn Charm (2) - Antique Silver

$5.00 AUD

Calling all little girls (Or big girls?) - everyone loves a mystical creature.  Here are some fabulous unicorns.  They are the prettiest I've ever seen - some are just plain weird looking don't you think?  With pretty flowers in their hair and tail, they are even a great shape, with one leg kicked up and a fabulous horn.

Make these into a pendant necklace on a leather lace or chain, or attach to a charm bracelet, or even make a pretty pair of earrings.  Some kids like to attach them to a lanyard or bag charm for their school bag, and of course they are very popular for phone lanyards.

The unicorn is one sided for the decoration, on the front, with a plain back.

Quantity per pack:  2

Measurements:  24mm high (including the loop) x 15mm wide and about 1.5mm thick.  The threading loops has a hole about 2mm in size.

Colour:  Antique Silver