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Rainbow Unicorn Bangle Kit

$12.50 AUD


These little bangles are just delightful as a gift for little girls to make themselves.  Just what you need in the cupboard at home for when all those birthday parties roll around and you find yourself racing to the shops every weekend at the last minute to find a suitable gift!  So buy a few, and save your energy and $$ also!  And what a great stocking filler when coming up to Christmas!  Keep the kids occupied on those too-sunny or too-cold holiday times when they keep saying they are bored bored bored!

Easy large holed beads and very strong memory wire means every child will have a happy success.  Subtle but shiny beads have been used to give an ethereal effect to the bracelet & we have already attached the stunning quality unicorn charm, so the tricky part is done!  Just load on the beads in the desired pattern then turn the end with a small plier - that's it!  So easy.

We use this memory wire included in the kit for kids as young as 2 right up to the very elderly including dementia patients and special needs children and adults.  The wire is amazing and so easy that everyone achieves a fabulous result.

Tools Required:  Just a small plier - maybe an old garage plier to turn the end of the wire over once complete.  Don't use a good jewellery making plier on this wire, or it will easily be wrecked!

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Age Level:  2 - 102

Size:  X-Small to Small, which is perfect for toddler to about 5 years, according to the thickness of their wrists.  Small to Medium which will fit from about 4 years to 102 years (because the wire can stretch to fit).