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Teal (20m) 0.6mm Silky Thread

$3.50 AUD


This thread is very silky to touch & the colours are simply stunning!

Quantity per pack:  20 metres **

Thickness:  0.6mm

** We have had the string hand wound in approximately 20m lots, onto a floss cards to keep them flat in the mail, so they can be posted in a large letter size.  The hand winding is done for us by personal friends in Indonesia in order to provide small employment opportunities.  We love helping out and I'm sure this will be special to you also, buying a thread that has been wound with love!

This cord is very much like a nylon cord they name #18, also similar to Superlon cord, however this was purchased as 'embroidery thread'.  You might even call it 'smocking' thread.  But we purchased it, and sell it, mainly as a fabulous form of threading cord for jewellery making!

These cords are totally flexible & will give a lovely soft drape in any project.  The colours are amazing & you will need a few of your favourites to keep in your work box at home!  The convenient 20m amounts mean you don't have to pay out on huge quantities of threads, for large bobbins that you may never use up!  Rather, you can have lots of colours in small amounts, but more colour choice!

Use this thread to:

  • knot pearls or crystal beads
  • knot tiny beads into a piece of jewellery or home wares item like the trim on a decoration or lamp shade?
  • string seed beads, crystals, gemstones
  • string seed beads
  • restring broken jewellery
  • Kumihimo bead weaving
  • embroider
  • string general jewellery
  • include in scrap booking, card making
  • make string art
  • make attachments for gift tags
  • weave micro macrame
  • weave friendship bracelets
  • wind hair wraps

just to name a few uses!

Because the ends of this cord can fray, try melting the end carefully with a lighter or match flame, according to how you are using the cord. 

For easiest bead threading, use our Collapsible Eye Needles.  You will wonder how you have ever managed without them!  These needles will allow you to pass the thread through beads easily without worrying about fraying ends.