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Swallow Pendant / Joiner (1)

$6.00 AUD


This metal piece measures about 55mm wide x 45mm high, with 2 loops with inner diameters about 3mm.  The pendant is plain on the back, with lots of detail on the front.

Joiner pieces of this quality and size are hard to find (well I found it hard).  I've been looking for a piece like this for a few years now, but the only one I found wasn't affordable. Finally I found this one, and I'm pretty happy with the style!

Set off your linked or beaded necklaces with this gorgeous joiner pendant, by attaching to the two loops on either side.  Looks great if you have the swallow to the side of the necklaces, but looks good centred too.  The swallow weighs 17.5 grams, so you would need to balance your necklace if you want the piece to sit on the side.

Available only in ancient gold colour.  It's a gorgeous pendant!

Quantity per pack:  1 Swallow pendant / joiner piece