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Sterling Silver Clasp w. 2 Rings (1) - Hand Made in Bali

$18.95 AUD
Sterling Silver

These S Hook Clasps with matching closed jumprings have been handmade in Bali, Indonesia by a village artisan who was very surprised and excited by our order of products after Covid devastated so many small family businesses over the past years.

Finish off all your hard work with a beautiful clasp worthy of your design.  There is a ring at either side of the clasp for attaching your wire, string or thread if needed.  This means the cord won't pull out of the ring as there are no openings.  If you don't need the rings for your design, just remove them and keep them in your workbox for another project.


Clasp:  28mm long x 7mm wide x 2mm thick

Soldered closed rings:  Outside Diameter 6mm, Inside Diameter 4mm

Quantity per pack:  1 clasp w. 2 soldered rings