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Steel Slicing Blade - 10cm (1) - Polymer Clay

$5.00 AUD

Measurements:  1 x 10cm (4") blade with plastic safety holder.

Quantity per pack:  1

This listing is for one (1) precision stainless steel flexible blade and one (1) plastic safety tubes.  Please note:  The photo shows two sizes - you will receive the smaller size in this listing.

Use for your clay making, or any craft that requires precision cutting or slicing.  These blades are both extremely bendable as you will see in one of our photos.  Being stainless steel, they will resist oxidisation but always wipe over after use to keep them pristine and ready for your next project.

The blade comes with a plastic safety holder, so you won't cut yourself when you put it away in your kit. 

Tip:  Prefer handles on your blades?  Use some scrap clay to fashion your own handles onto the ends of the blades, bake then you are ready to go!