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Star (Wood) Decoration Kits - makes 12

$25.00 AUD

It is so much fun to make this easy project, you will want to make heaps!  That’s why we have included enough beads & cord in our kits to make up to 12, to save you the trouble of hunting around for supplies to make more!  Isn’t that convenient?!

Size:  Choose from the drop down menu

Quantity:  Each kit makes up to 12 stars

About your Star Kit:

Your kit will have enough beads and cord to make 10 x 6-point stars, or 12 x 5-point stars, or you can make a mixture of the two styles.  The 6-point stars are wider than the 5-point stars.

Small Kit - uses 8mm raw wood beads, which make stars about 5cm to 6cm across, according to which style you make.

Large Kit - uses 12mm raw wood beads, which makes stars about 8cm to 9cm across, according to which style you make.

If you want to make more Christmas Stars for all your friends and family, to buy extra raw wood beads or different sizes, click here.

The cord we have used is a flat waxed cord in camel colour, which is easy to thread whilst being firm enough to thread through the beads, gives nice tension and knots well.  This cord can be straightened at the end to make it stiff enough to go through the bead you are threading – run your fingers along the last few centimetres of the cord to straighten it.

The beads we have used in your kits are large holed.  We have a variety of kits available in either acrylic pearls, acrylic shiny clear beads or raw wood beads.  With raw wood beads it can be possible that a few beads may have holes a bit blocked by fragments of wood.  To clear this, use a pin or something pointy like a nail or screw to clean out the hole.  Or, use an Awl or Reamer tool.

You can hang a little bell inside your star, or embellish your star with paint, glitter, lacquer or even decals, to fit in with your décor theme. 

Ideas for Use:

These handmade delightful stars will make a wonderful token gift for teachers, neighbours, craft group friends, school friends, work colleagues. The fact that you have made it yourself always makes a gift more precious.

  • Decoration to embellish gift wrapping by adding to your gift tags
  • hang on your Christmas tree as decorations
  • decorate your festive tables and sideboards, coffee tables, bathrooms, everywhere!
  • use as drinks coasters on your dinner table or around the family room
  • hang on your front door as a festive welcome
  • join them together on a pretty rope or ribbon to make a hanging bunting for your wall or doorways
  • With their rustic boho design, they look great in children’s bedrooms and nurseries – hang them from a rattan shape to make a wall hanging or mobile (available in our other listings) or suspend from lengths of pretty ribbon to match your décor theme.
  • What about adding your little star to a Christmas or Thanksgiving wreath?

There are so many ways you can use your decorative stars!