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Stainless Steel Cutters (39pc) in Storage Container - Polymer Clay

$45.00 AUD



This set of stainless steel cutters covers most of your basic shapes for you, and what is even better about this fabulous set, is that there are graded sizes for you to work with.

Graded sizing can be helpful when you want to make an outline of a shape; say you want to make the outline of a teardrop, you can punch out a large teardrop, then place the smallest teardrop within that shape, and punch the centre out.

The edges of these cutters are super precise, giving a clean and professional cut to your clay, leather, cardboard or whatever craft medium you are using them on.

The dimensions are written below, but you will need to look at the photo to understand them all more.


Total Package Size:  39pcs/set; plastic container size: 17.5 x 10 x 2.15cm. 

  • 1: about 15mm wide, 15mm long;
  • 2: about 13mm wide, 13mm long;
  • 3: about 10mm wide, 10mm long;
  • 4: about 8mm wide, 8mm long;
  • 5: about 6.5mm wide, 6.5mm long;
  • 6: about 15mm in diameter;
  • 7: about 13mm in diameter;
  • 8: about 10mm in diameter;
  • 9: about 7mm in diameter;
  • 10: about 5mm in diameter;
  • 11: about 9.6mm wide, 16mm long;
  • 12: about 5.6mm wide, 10mm long;
  • 13: about 4mm wide, 9.5mm long;
  • 14: about 17.5mm wide, 16mm long;
  • 15: about 14mm wide, 22mm long;
  • 16: about 11mm wide, 17mm long;
  • 17: about 10.5mm wide, 19mm long;
  • 18: about 3mm wide, 18mm long;
  • 19: about 14mm wide, 18mm long;
  • 20: about 7mm wide, 10mm long;
  • 21: about 16mm wide, 24mm long;
  • 22: about 7mm wide, 34mm long;
  • 23: about 6mm wide, 22mm long;
  • 24: about 12mm wide, 21mm long;
  • 25: about 13mm wide, 19mm long;
  • 26: about 6mm wide, 15mm long;
  • 27: about 20mm in diameter;
  • 28: about 15mm wide, 25mm long;
  • 29: about 9mm wide, 18mm long;
  • 30: about 6mm wide, 19mm long;
  • 31: about 13mm wide, 30mm long;
  • 32: about 8mm wide, 22mm long;
  • 33: about 8mm wide, 30mm long;
  • 34: about 8mm wide, 50mm long;
  • 35: about 19mm wide, 25mm long;
  • 36: about 18mm wide, 18mm long;
  • 37: about 10mm wide, 15mm long;
  • 38: about 10mm wide, 35mm long;
  • 39: about 10mm wide, 30mm long.