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Size 12 (.98mm) Silk Thread - Black

$5.50 AUD


Size:   No. 12 - 0.98mm in diameter.

Quantity:  2 metres

This thickness is perfect for threading small glass beads, especially when knotting between Venetian glass beads or Chevron beads.  You will want to use a thicker silk like this size so that your knot will sit neatly and not become lost inside the beads.

Tip:  Use our Beadsmith #5 Knotting Tweezers for silk knots - use the right tool to make your job as perfect as you can!

Truly, nothing is as soft or as smooth as silk. Naturseide (German for 'silk') is the traditional stringing material used by beaders for centuries. 100% silk bead cord is so soft, you won't even feel it slip through your fingers. Designs made on 100% silk bead cord drape naturally and look elegant.

You receive 2 metres in length, with a flexible needle already attached to one end. You will find that you can thread up beads easily (it can be hard to string your beads onto silk if you use a normal needle, which makes the thread thickness doubled, or are trying to put your silk through without a needle).  It can be quite difficult to thread silk without using the correct tools and this inbuilt needle makes it so easy for you.  Try it - you'll be amazed!

These days a lot of beaders just prefer silk as their chosen threading cord, even for regular beads & especially seed beads.  Chokers & bracelets can have the cord on display at the ends, & made into part of the design with a small tasseled or frayed end, or macrame sliding closure.

Tip:  To make secure endings when attaching to a clasp, use a Charlotte Crimp at the ends, and knot the silk inside it, then trim with sharp mini scissors.  Now attach the charlotte crimp to your clasp.